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The 'Stakes in the Ground' for Economic Recovery

Despite the recent announcement of an abysmal US GDP number for the second quarter, which saw the three-month moving...

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Global Economic Update with ITR Economics

The global economy is in a drastically different state this year relative to 2019. Two major black swan events – the...

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Job Market Signals and a Call to Action

There are a lot of different way to assess the state of the US job market. With a variety of data points being...

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The Paycheck Protection Program and Flexibility Act Impact

According to the latest report from the US Small Business Administration, more than 4.5 million businesses were...

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Europe in Worse Shape Than US, From Many Angles

The recovery profile for the European economy is more pessimistic than for the US economy, all the way through 2022....

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A Leading Indicator Approach to COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, we started tracking the number of confirmed infections and...

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