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Five Ways to Prepare for the Next Rising Trend

For business leaders, this stage of the economic cycle always presents a unique challenge. Due to the uncertainty...

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Buying or Selling a Business? How ITR Can Help

ITR Economics is in the forecasting business. We forecast the macroeconomy, both for the US and the world, as well...

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Position Your Business for the Rise Ahead

The macroeconomic business cycle low point is coming. According to mounting leading indicator evidence, US...

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Manufacturing in 2020: Preparing for Growth

After a healthy growth year in 2018, expansion in the US manufacturing sector ground to a halt in 2019, contracting...

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Red or Blue, You Can Still Make Green

The House has voted on impeachment, setting up a contentious trial in the Senate for next year. The 2020...

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Why You Need to Be Calculating Your Rates-of-Change

ITR Economics has been preaching the advantages of rate-of-change analysis for many years. We are constantly showing...

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