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Planning Compensation Changes for 2020

As we near the end of 2019, many businesses are thinking about budgets and annual reviews. A discussion around...

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Global Machinery Markets: Current Conditions and Future Expectations

The global industrial economy is clearly on the back side of the business cycle. In many regions of the world, such...

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Top 3 Reasons Why ITR Economics Is Not 'Just Another Data Point'

One of the worst things you can hear as an economic forecasting firm is, “You’re just another data point.”

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ITR Experts Say: The Timing of the Next Cyclical Low

The US Industrial Production Index is ITR’s benchmark for the overall economy. Production is up 2.8% on a...

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ITR Experts Say: Revenue, Prices, and Planning

During a recent quarterly review call with one of ITR Economics' consulting clients, the business owner and I had a...

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ITR Experts Say: Consumer (and Student Loan) Debt, in Perspective

A recent article from a prominent financial news source opened with the statement that “Consumer debt is growing to...

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