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Two Ways Manufacturers Can Mitigate the Slowdown

The business-cycle peak is coming to the manufacturing sector. ITR’s forecasts have been calling for it since last...

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Visible Signs of the European Slowdown

The European industrial economy is on the back side of the business cycle. The slowdown started in early 2018,...

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ITR Experts Say: 2019 Is All About What YOU Do!

Complacency has long been the enemy of success in business. It causes the best of us to lose focus, stop listening...

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ITR Experts Say: Keep Your Eyes on China

The Chinese industrial economy is in a negative cyclical trend. China Industrial Production, ITR’s benchmark for...

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Manufacturing in 2019: Preparing for the Slowdown

The manufacturing sector prospered in 2018. Supported by favorable tailwinds associated with tax reform, business...

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ITR Experts Say: Economic Growth Is All About People

During a recent interview for a podcast, I made the casual comment that "economic growth is all about people."


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