Business Cycle Opportunities: An M&A Perspective

By ITR Economics Representative on February, 5 2021

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ITR Economics Representative

The US industrial economy is approaching a low point the business cycle. From a decision-making perspective, this is a critical juncture. The business cycle low often presents an excellent opportunity to invest for the future growth of your company.

With cyclical rise ahead for the industrial economy in 2021 and beyond, ITR Economics is advising clients to consider various capital investment opportunities, including potential mergers and acquisitions, as part of their long-term growth strategies. But in today’s highly uncertain economic environment, how can business leaders know if this is the ideal time to buy, and how can they know whether a potential acquisition target is a sound candidate?

By analyzing the inputs from various macro- and microeconomic leading indicators, along with other meaningful secondary data, decision makers can obtain valuable insights regarding the timing of a potential acquisition. In our upcoming webinar, ITR Economics will explore the trends that will shape 2021–2022 and what they mean for your future. We will:

  • Assess the macroeconomic environment and the outlook for the B2B sector in 2021 and 2022.
  • Look at a system of key leading indicators that are proven to signal cyclical turns for the economy and for key industries such as manufacturing.
  • Present clear, actionable Management Objectives™ that are right for the coming years as we adapt to the "new normal."

If you haven’t yet considered leveraging the upcoming business cycle low point to position your firm for future growth, it’s not too late. If your strategy includes potential M&A activity, as we think it should, we are here to support you in your endeavors. 


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