UK Reflections

Recently, I was invited to speak in the United Kingdom. The trip involved two different presentations, one in Edinburgh, Scotland, and the other in Yorkshire, England. Although it was not my first time across the pond by any means, it was a fantastic experience and refreshing reminder of why I like the UK so much. The friendly people, unique sense of humor, great deal of history, many intermingling cultures, and good food are just a few of my favorite things. However, personal enjoyment aside, the trip also served as a stark reminder of how the work we do here at ITR benefits people.

After my keynote at the Vistage Executive Summit in Edinburgh, where I presented to about 200 CEOs from various industries, one of the attendees wrote a blog post about his experience at the event. What he wrote truly moved me and reaffirmed for me yet again that moving my family across the country to join the great team at ITR Economics four years ago was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made.

The blog’s author started by speaking about the anxiety and trepidation he felt when he first contemplated attending an event of such scope, with such heavy-hitters in the audience. He talked about being uncertain that he belonged, or that it was worth his time. He doubted that my macroeconomic presentation, which was the opening keynote that day, would be relevant to him, or that he would be able to get any value from it. However, he was determined to approach my session with an open mind, and to try and learn as much as he could with the goal of becoming a better leader and decision maker. This is how he described his experience related to my presentation:

Alex then came out. Now, I’m not sure how he managed it, as the things he spoke about were not only "boring" subjects but also involved graphs and charts, but he had the attention of everyone. He managed to captivate me with his interesting perspective on the economy, his data analysis ability and tools and a list of ways I could practically apply what I was learning into my own life. I took far more from his talk that I ever expected to, and it set a high standard for the rest to follow.

It’s difficult to express just how good it feels to read something like that about the work we do at ITR. A huge part of our mission is to improve the lives of our clients by making them better informed and more analytical, and by helping them leverage our rates-of-change and leading indicator methodologies to make better decisions for their businesses. I’m so glad that my presentation resonated with this individual, and I hope that anyone who reads this blog post will also have an opportunity to see a fantastic ITR Economics speaker soon. See you out there!

Alex Chausovsky
Director of Speaking Services