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10-Year Forecast to Guide Your Business Through the 2030s Depression

By ITR Economics on January 30, 2024

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We are often asked about our depression forecast for the 2030s. We get questions such as “What does it look like?” or “What does it mean?” or “When should I sell?” While we will continue to answer these questions in our blogs, videos, and webinars, you can now get a custom 10-year forecast for your business. It will help you guide your company through the rest of the 2020s and the upcoming 2030s depression.

Financial Resilience: Your Blueprint to the 2030s

In this new 10-year forecast service from ITR Economics, our team of experts will forecast your business specifically and provide you with a custom roadmap of your expected performance. We will analyze your business’s past performance, including during previous recessions and other extreme economic scenarios, such as the 2008 Great Recession. This will help give us a strong sense of your business’s susceptibility to economic crises.

You will then review our findings with ITR Economics CEO and Chief Economist Brian Beaulieu or President Alan Beaulieu in a 90-minute call. Brian or Alan will work with your team to answer various questions, such as whether there is a good window of opportunity to sell the business, how to best position your company for the coming depression, upside and downside risks to your business, and so much more.

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Who Does This Service Benefit?

Every company, big or small, can benefit from a long-term forecast like our Financial Resilience program.

The 2030s will be here sooner than you think, and the depression will catch far too many business leaders off guard. How you prepare your company today can make or break it in the next decade. Your leadership must be willing to take active steps to position the company based on the long-term forecast.

In fact, executives have a responsibility to consider the impacts of the coming depression and how it can impact the entire company moving forward. This does not mean simply appeasing stakeholders, but also securing the future for the whole team behind your company as well.

ITR Economics Is Here to Help

While some other organizations have been saying the 2030s will bring a depression, ITR Economics has been a pioneer in preparing businesses for the coming economic downturn since the 2014 publication of the book “Prosperity in the Age of Decline.”

Our proven track record and 94.7% forecast accuracy rating show that we are a trusted source for economic insights. With our unique methodology, we stand out with a process that has proven successful for more than 70 years.

Planning now for the coming depression is the best way to ensure your team is prepared. Our team of business-minded experts is here to make sure that your company is not only ready to prosper but will prosper through this period of economic decline. Contact us at ITR Economics for more information on creating your blueprint to the 2030s.

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