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Electric Vehicles Ascendance: An Inflection Point in the Auto Industry
By ITR Economics on November 30, 2023

We have all read and heard the media proclamations over the last decade or more regarding the ascendance of electric and hybrid vehicles. Now that the ascendance is showing in the data, we...

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Might Have Missed Your Sales Goals
By ITR Economics on November 28, 2023

2023 is coming to an end. How are your sales figures looking? Were you able to hit your goals for the year? With the economy slowing down and heading toward a recession for 2024, you may...

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Things Business Leaders Can Be Thankful For
By ITR Economics on November 21, 2023

An industrial sector recession is rapidly approaching, and time is running out to finalize preparations. Even so, and especially as the fourth Thursday of November approaches, we can...

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From the President's Desk Construction

Prepare for Change
By Alan Beaulieu on November 16, 2023

US Total Private Domestic Fixed Investment1 is at a record high $4.794 trillion and 3.3% higher than the year-ago level. Private Fixed Investment consists of purchases of residential and...

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Best Business Strategies for 2024 During Economic Recession
By ITR Economics on November 14, 2023

The US economy will soon enter a recession that will last throughout 2024. While business activity typically slows for a few and declines for others during an economic downturn, there are...

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Automotive Market Update: The Road Forward
By Derek Stanley on November 9, 2023

Whether you have a company that operates in the automotive industry or you are just considering a new or used vehicle for yourself, you may be wondering how the ongoing United Auto Workers...

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