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Watch the Macroeconomy, but Watch 'Your World' Too
By ITR Economics on April 18, 2024

For a snapshot of the business-to-business sector of the economy, we typically look at US Nondefense Capital Goods New Orders. New Orders recently put up some decent numbers considering the...

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Defense Spending Analysis and Outlook
By Connor Lokar on April 17, 2024

Slowing global growth, elevated interest rates, lingering inflationary pressure, and global conflict are combining in 2024 to yield what we expect will be a slower-growth environment for...

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From the President's Desk Finance

Federal Spending Is Setting Us Up for the Depression
By Alan Beaulieu on April 11, 2024

Federal Revenue The US federal government collected $1.86 trillion this fiscal year to date, otherwise known as February (the fiscal year is October 1, 2023, to September 30, 2024). That is...

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Insights from Our CEO Finance

Build a Financial Bunker Ahead of the 2030s
By Brian Beaulieu on April 4, 2024

3 Reasons Why You Want To Have a Financial Bunker Peace of mind going into a tumultuous time Positioning yourself to create wealth through the 2030s Cash is king at the bottom of a...

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ITR Experts Say Strategic Planning

3 Challenges Businesses Need to Overcome in the Second Half of the 2020s
By ITR Economics on April 2, 2024

It sure has been a tricky start to the decade. Starting with the COVID-19 pandemic, various challenges have revealed themselves over the past few years, and now some major industries are...

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Location – Location – Location: Keep Track of Regional Trends
By ITR Economics on March 28, 2024

Superior business strategy results can be realized if you: Account for nationwide economic trends Consider trends at the regional, state, and city level Take the broader demand pull in...

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