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By ITR Economics on September 9, 2019

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Digitech Systems

Sometimes we let others do the talking for us. What follows is a testimonial from one of our clients:

One of the best advantages of being a member of Vistage is that I get to meet people like Brian and Alan Beaulieu from ITR Economics. 

I believe they are great Americans! After the first live presentation I ever attended I subscribed to the Trends Report. Since then I believe I am a subscriber of just about every service they offer. 

Why? They have made my company millions of dollars based on their timely information and management objectives they share based on their research. The information they provide is incredibly valuable because it is both timely and accurate

Learn more about this timely information and management objective program here.

They have maintained a minimum 94.7 % accuracy rate forecasting data four quarters out since the 1980s. It is like having a fortune teller on staff! But seriously, having this data is a real advantage when it comes to strategic planning. The best part is that there are no surprises. 

The bottom line is that the economy is going to do what the economy is going to do. Our goal is to use the data and management objectives to maximize the upturns and minimize the downturns. Not many companies can say that they grew their business during the Great Recession of 2008. We did! Thanks, in no small part, to the strategies and information provided by the terrific people at ITR.

We use it for everything from new product development to timing of price increases. Worth every penny!

HK Bain, CEO
Digitech Systems, LLC
Established 1997

Thank you for such kind words, HK!  We very much enjoy working with you and your team.

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