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By ITR Economics on October, 18 2018

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ITR Economics is the oldest, privately-held, continuously operating, economic research and consulting firm in the US.

For those who own or run a business, there are numerous and crucial decisions to be made. Whether related to growing your top line or increasing your profit margin, these daily decisions can weigh heavily on your overall vision and goals. This is one of many reasons to have reliable resources to inform and assist your decision-making.

Look at how others are using our services and capitalizing on our accurate, in-depth knowledge of the economy:

    1. Take Advantage of the Good Years to Prepare for the BadAutomation World
      If you want to know how the economy is likely to shape up in the coming years, don’t listen to politicians. Pay attention, instead, to the leading indicators—economic projections based on mathematical models rather than rhetoric.
    2. COCPA NewsAccount – July/August 2018COCPA
      Budgets abounded at this year’s Leadership Council on June 15. Connor Lokar, an economist with ITR Economics of Manchester, New Hampshire, shared perspectives on what to watch for, prepare for, and tell young adults regarding what’s ahead in the US and global economies.
    3. China No Longer a Threat to US Manufacturing, Says ITR EconomicsFinancial Sense
      In this wide-ranging update on the US manufacturing industry, Lauren Saidel-Baker at ITR Economics dispels the myths that US manufacturing is dead and that China still represents a threat. Lauren is an experienced speaker and economist.
    4. Chubby’s Automotive Repair and Maintenance ForecastAutomotive Training Institute
      All of us at ATI take our jobs very seriously, and our mission is to help you drive your dreams and goals home to you and your families. I have been following ITR’s economic forecasts for many years, and their accuracy has been excellent. I asked them to create a special forecast for our industry in North America, and I would like to share it with you so you can better plan your ATI Five-Year Strategic Roadmap with your coach.
    5. An Economic Update and Forecast of the IT & Engineering Staffing and Solutions IndustryTechServe Connect
      Do you know what's in store for the US and global economies for the rest of 2018 and beyond? Connor Lokar, program economist and speaker, has a remarkable track record of providing economic insight and contributing to ITR Economics’ 94.7% forecast accuracy.

Whether it’s one of our consultative services or a motivating speaker at your next event, our economics firm will benefit you and put your company in position for a profitable future. Contact us today to learn how ITR Economics can help!

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