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How New DataCast Pro™ Updates Benefit Our Clients

By ITR Economics on May 25, 2023

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DataCast Pro™ has long been a game changer for many companies. Whether helping boost the confidence of business leaders during the decision-making process or refreshing and improving their business strategies altogether, DataCast Pro’s reliable, data-driven approach has helped change the way companies look at their data. 

Back in April, we announced a plethora of new updates to our DataCast Pro subscription. With these improvements now fully implemented, our clients can get even more out of the premium service, which helps provide businesses with a clear roadmap for the future, no matter the economic conditions ahead.

Is DataCast Pro Right for Your Business?

New customers beginning their DataCast Pro journey now work closely with an ITR Economics account executive for an initial preliminary process.

We understand this service is not for everyone, so we make sure that DataCast Pro is the right program for your company and that it will help you achieve your goals.

If after chatting with our team we determine that DataCast Pro is the right fit for your business, one of our expert economists will help get you started with the program.

Consistent Support From ITR Economics

The DataCast Pro database offers more than 15,000 indicators to use as leading indicators for your business. While the large quantity is an advantage, there sure are a lot of indicators to choose from. How do you know which indicators share a logical connection with your business? How will you find the time to analyze all the results?

Your economist will work closely with you to determine which indicators in our database provide the best forward-looking insight for your data and are therefore likely to prove most beneficial to you going forward.

You are always welcome to add new datasets and conduct your own analysis, but this collaboration provides you with a great starting point as you begin the program.

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Once your initial setup is complete, there will still be a lot of information to take in and absorb. It is nearly impossible to retain everything right away, and that is okay.

To help you continue to learn how to best use DataCast Pro and incorporate its insights into your business strategy, you get access to an hour-long support call with an economist each month throughout your contract.

This is the perfect opportunity to ask new questions that come up throughout the month, improve your understanding of key concepts in your analysis, learn more about ITR Economics’ terminology and methodology, and so much more.

The new updates to DataCast Pro enable our team to be more hands-on with all of our clients. If you would like to learn more about DataCast Pro and want to see if the program is right for your business, we are always here to help!

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