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How Does the ITR Economics Trends Report™ Increase My Competitive Advantage?

By ITR Economics on May 5, 2022

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In today's business world, competition is fierce. A magic crystal ball that tells the future would make the life of a business owner or executive so much easier, but that just isn’t in the cards. Fortunately, the next best thing – proven economic forecasts with an accuracy rating of 94.7% – is indeed available to help you navigate through unprecedented challenges. A partner like ITR Economics can act as your guiding light through the thick fog. How exactly does the ITR Economics Trends Repot™ increase your competitive advantage?

What Is the Trends Report?

The Trends Report is a serial publication that provides you with economic forecasts, insights, and strategies to give your business the edge over your competition. The Trends Report offers more than 45 practical articles, updated monthly on a rolling basis, that cover the complete spectrum of the US and world economies and offer in-depth analysis of industries such as construction and manufacturing as well as the individual markets therein.

Using the Trends Report to Stand Above Your Competition

So, how can you go about utilizing these forecasts, reports, and strategies to succeed? Without tools like the Trends Report, businesses are often stuck focusing on the wrong things at the wrong time. This failure to anticipate economic changes can result in unprofitable decisions.

Has your business ever made ill-timed hiring decisions, resulting in too many or too few employees for the situation at hand? Maybe you missed a golden opportunity to expand your business or invest in your company and employees with new technology or equipment. With the ITR Trends Report, you will have unmatched insight into what lies ahead for your company and industry.

[ Interested in the Trends Report? Download a sample of the monthly report here! ]

You might be asking yourself, “How far ahead will I be able to see the impactful changes coming my way?” With the Trends Report, we give you a look three years into the future. That’s right: our three-year forecasts show you both the current business cycle phases for your markets and the phases they will be in three years from now, as well as the cyclical trends that will occur between those points in time. These dynamic reports are updated every month, ensuring you can always stay on top of industry shifts.

The Trends Report includes a lot of information. Fortunately, you can easily customize your subscription dashboard to highlight the specific articles, forecasts, and insights that most pertain to you and your business, which efficiently gives you a big leg up on your competitors.

Its potential to help you rise above your competition is just one aspect of the value of the ITR Economics Trends Report. If you are interested in seeing how you can gain these competitive advantages to drive your business forward, feel free to try a trial subscription today!

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