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By ITR Economics on February 8, 2022

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The US economy, along with the rest of the world, is shifting from the accelerating rise phase of the business cycle to what is expected to be a four- to five-quarter period of diminishing growth.

During this period of slowing growth, there will be some worrisome quarters for numerous industries and companies. If that was the end of the story, it would arguably be prudent to reduce risk and build up cash, because slowing growth frequently leads to an actual contraction in the economy. However, ITR is projecting the proverbial "soft landing" for this business cycle.

We will use this webinar to lay out our reasoning for why this forthcoming business cycle low will be a soft landing, and why we see renewed acceleration for the US and the rest of the world in 2024 and beyond.

We get it. People have concerns about the following and what they mean for businesses:

  • Rising interest rates
  • Inflation pressures
  • Debt
  • Equities struggling to rise
  • Ukraine
  • Labor issues

Sounds like a recipe for bad times. But there are counterbalancing positive factors, and some of the items in the above list aren’t exactly what headlines portray. On balance, there is money to be made and prosperity to be had, especially if you keep seeking opportunities, investing, and taking calculated risks.


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