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Best Money-Making Opportunities Following the 2030s Great Depression

By ITR Economics on October 5, 2023

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The Great Depression of the 2030s will potentially be a difficult time for the many who do not see it coming. You will need to put money-saving measures in place now to best endure the troubled waters ahead. However, actual wealth creation is an even better plan. It is of key importance to note that the recovery period following the end of the 2030s Great Depression will be a once-in-a-lifetime money-making opportunity. To help you make the most of that time, here are some of the best money-making opportunities that will follow the 2030s Great Depression.

How Individuals Should Invest Post-Great Depression

For individuals, investing into the stock market or in real estate will be two of the best available options for increasing personal wealth following the Great Depression. From what we know now, ITR Economics is expecting the coming Great Depression to end around mid-2036.

Keep in mind that if you wait too long after the end of the depression, you will miss the window of opportunity to really make money. If you never buy a share of stock or wait for six months after the market starts to take off, you will not see much difference in your investment account.

This window following the next Great Depression will be great not only for making money in equities, but also for creating wealth in real estate. For example, this will be a great time to buy the home you always wanted or purchase the rental property that will generate a positive cash flow and also increase your equity in the property as prices rebound. If you wait too long to find your ideal home or rental property, costs could quickly rise to where your return on investment would be significantly less than it would have been had you made your move closer to the economic low point.

Please remember the old maxim that all real estate is local and be aware of the local economic factors that will help determine the future value of a mid-2030s acquisition. ITR Economics can help you with that process when the time comes.

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Best Opportunities for Business Leaders Post-Great Depression

For a business leader, this will be the best time to invest in your company – before everyone else realizes that it is an opportune time to invest. Preparing ahead of the competition should yield rich returns and market share gains.

Investments made at this time will give your business the best return, with the best prices on machinery, new technology, inventory, and more. This will also be the best time to hire labor, as prevailing fear and uncertainty will keep other companies from doing so.

It is safe to assume that many CEOs will want to play it safe after the 2030s Great Depression. But good leadership in a company can really encourage people to think differently and support more risk-taking. Those who are early adapters and are willing to take chances will see the most significant benefits to their business.

As we come out of the next Great Depression, individuals and business leaders will have an incredible opportunity to increase their wealth and grow their companies, respectively. Stay up to date with ITR Economics to help make sure your business is prepared as we move into the coming decade. Many will hesitate to make their move after a period of such significant economic decline. However, the closer to the trough of the depression you act, the more prosperous your future could be.

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