Meet our Directors: Eric and Grace

By ITR Economics on June 17, 2022

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ITR Economics is the oldest, privately-held, continuously operating, economic research and consulting firm in the US.

Originally formed in 1948, ITR Economics has grown so much over the years. As we continue to expand and improve, we have formed a strong Leadership Team to lead the charge. We are delighted to introduce you to two more of the ITR leaders who are working for you behind the scenes.

Spotlight #1: Meet Eric, Director of Research and Development

With a background in economics, mathematics, and education, Eric Post joined the ITR Economics team in 2015 as an analyst, supporting ITR’s ongoing examination of the impact of macro- and microeconomic trends.

Eric quickly became a vital part of the forecasting team, contributing to some of ITR’s most complex internal projects. He also developed into a go-to source of insight, serving as an advisor to our expert economists. Over the years, Eric has made a big impression on hundreds of ITR clients by taking detailed analysis and translating it into actionable takeaways, all while maintaining superior forecast accuracy and an unbiased perspective.

Eric’s accomplishments at ITR to date include co-developing the ITR Equity Optimizer, improving ITR’s Customized Reports service, creating custom indexes to address client needs, supporting company profitability goals, and advising as one of ITR’s top thought leaders.

“Eric Post is one of our top economists and has been with ITR Economics since 2015. Eric’s been an instrumental part in developing the ITR Optimizer and a key contributor to upgrading ITR’s collection of proprietary leading indicators. Eric is a key part of training our upcoming forecasters and has worked diligently to ensure our quality and accuracy are upheld by all. As Director of Research and Development, Eric oversees new research initiatives that further the insights of the entire Economics Team. Eric has proven himself time and time again as a top-tier economist committed to excellence.” - Jackie Greene, Vice President of Economics

With his focus on client needs and his desire to help colleagues grow both personally and professionally, Eric will continue to play an essential role in ITR Economics’ success moving forward.

Spotlight #2: Meet Grace, Director of Economics

Grace Schatz’s education in economics and passion for learning how the world works led to her joining ITR Economics in 2013 as an analyst, supporting the company's forecasting initiatives.

Early in her ITR career, Grace brought a unique perspective on how ITR's services could best benefit our clients. She began to work on consulting services and soon became a high-demand advisor for clients. Her expert skills in forecasting and in helping business leaders and executives implement those forecasts propelled her into a key leadership role within the team.

Grace has already accomplished so much in her ITR career, including consulting with ITR’s largest clients, co-developing internal forecasting tools to increase efficiency, leading the Economic Information Technology Team, aligning the Economics Team with the Sales Team for improved communication and collaboration, and so much more.

Most recently, Grace created the Custom Price Index service. This service was developed to help businesses remain profitable through a decade that will be characterized by relatively high inflation.

“Grace Schatz has been with ITR Economics since 2013. During that time, she has demonstrated a thirst for knowledge and dedication to excellence, in alignment with our Core Values. Grace has risen through the company on a combination of intelligence, skill, and determination to improve both herself and the company around her. In addition to being a top-tier economist, Grace is also operationally minded, making her a well-respected and trusted advisor. Grace is instrumental in teaching and developing our newer economists as well, further ensuring that a thirst for knowledge and commitment to excellence is instilled in all the other members of her team.” - Jackie Greene, Vice President of Economics

With her commitment to excellence, strong leadership skills, and passion for helping clients and team members, Grace will be a fundamental contributor to the long-term success of ITR Economics for the foreseeable future.

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