Meet our Directors: Krysten and Matt

By ITR Economics on May 20, 2022

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ITR Economics

ITR Economics is the oldest, privately-held, continuously operating, economic research and consulting firm in the US.

ITR Economics has grown so much over the years, and we show no sign of stopping anytime soon! With so many amazing people working hard every day behind the scenes, we are excited to introduce our Leadership Team, which will continue to guide the company into the future.

Spotlight #1: Meet Krysten, Executive Director of Human Resources

Krysten Apostoles-Theroux joined the ITR Economics team in 2017, bringing with her a strong background as a business owner and her education in human resources. Starting on day one, she quickly succeeded in turning ITR Economics' Core Values into a living culture by emphasizing job satisfaction, fostering work/life balance, and attracting new talent that embodied the company culture.

Some of her biggest accomplishments so far in her ITR career include building relationships with various recruiters, designing and implementing a user-friendly HR platform for managers and employees to easily track and communicate goals, organizing a new onboarding process for new hires, and establishing team-engagement activities and employee reward programs.

“Going into the future, it's going to become more and more incumbent upon her to keep the culture in front of everybody, to keep the meaning of ITR there. It will be something she will readily and easily do because she lives it and loves it. She is our driving force.”    – Alan Beaulieu, ITR Economics President

Krysten’s caring attitude and dedication to excellence has helped propel ITR Economics forward by establishing a strong foundation, a sense of purpose and unity, and a workplace culture that helps all employees grow and thrive.

Spotlight #2: Meet Matt, Director of Sales

With a background in engineering and sales leadership, Matt Sheidow joined the ITR Economics team in 2018 as the company’s first sales manager. Matt's collaborative leadership style quickly transformed our Sales Team into an intuitive group that strives to solve clients’ biggest needs and challenges.

Along with his dedication to helping clients and business partners, Matt has been a passionate leader for all employees internally, helping team members grow both personally and professionally each and every day.

Some of his biggest accomplishments at ITR so far include developing a Sales Team focused on executing ITR’s Core Values, introducing valuable new training programs, building a scope-of-work web application, launching several new ITR services, promoting stronger collaboration and communication between teams and departments in a remote work environment, and teaching multiple sales strategies to improve response time to client requests.

“Matt Sheidow has incredible skills that range from people management to process development and implementation, but perhaps his greatest talent is found in knowing the right questions to ask. Matt has taught the team how to seek out the goals and issues facing the person or enterprise they are talking to. That way, ITR can provide a laser-focused solution that will enhance decision-making abilities at both the human and business level. His leadership and abilities will keep ITR growing and serve the needs of the business community. He is integral to our next generation of leadership.” – Alan Beaulieu, ITR Economics President

Matt has been so influential to the entire ITR Economics team; his incredible dedication to continued self-improvement was quickly adopted by all members of ITR as they began seeking ways to grow in their respective roles. With Matt’s unique approach to leadership, he has led ITR Economics to realizing its growth goals, supported the business’ structural needs, and coached the Sales Team to become better Trusted Advisors for existing clients as well as those considering partnering with our company.

Thanks to the passionate Leadership Team behind ITR Economics, we have been able to make a positive difference in our employees’ lives, in our clients’ lives, and in our community. While Krysten and Matt are making their own respective imprints, you can meet the rest of the Leadership Team that is helping make ITR Economics the best it can be.

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