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By ITR Economics on April 14, 2022

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ITR Economics is the oldest, privately-held, continuously operating, economic research and consulting firm in the US.

Stepping into the spotlight!

If you keep up with our emails , you know that ITR Economics has been excitedly sharing all the latest updates on our Leadership Team – the team that will guide the company into the future.

The first members to come into the spotlight are our vice presidents, who oversee the business immediately under the ITR Economics C-suite!

Meet Vice President of Sales and Marketing Kimberly Clark and Vice President of Economics Jackie Greene. Although recently promoted to their VP roles, Kimberly and Jackie have a collective 25-plus years of experience at ITR Economics. Together, they work tirelessly to uphold ITR Economics’ unbeatable forecast accuracy, trusted advisor reputation, unbiased perspective, and Core Values.

Spotlight #1: Meet Jackie, Vice President of Economics

Vice President of Economics Jackie Greene has been serving ITR Economics’ clients since she joined the company as an analyst in 2005.

Jackie has proved to be a critical member of the ITR Economics team. Over the years, she has elevated her skills and expertise, reaching new heights in advanced forecasting, gaining a deep understanding of business application of ITR Economics’ trend analysis, and developing a keen awareness of how to best incorporate our insights into business strategy.

Jackie has traveled extensively both within the US and abroad to meet with business executives of all industries. This has enhanced her ability to help our current and future clients navigate economic turns. With nearly two decades of experience in pairing economic conditions with effective business strategy, she has a unique perspective and has also gained an understanding of how noneconomic events – including natural disasters, wars, and, most recently, pandemics – impact markets and companies.

“I love what I do. Helping our clients see the future and plan effectively is what gives me the drive to continue growing every day. Now, as vice president of economics, I have the amazing opportunity to teach those same skills – accurately communicating what is to come and showing the supporting data – to an army of economists so we can continue to reach more businesses. How could you not love being a part of a company that can make such a large impact on the world around you?”Jackie Greene

Jackie’s passion for understanding how each component of the economy affects the others and knowing how that relationship will impact a business will continue to benefit our clients now and in the future. Her eye for detail and willingness to question previous assumptions will support ITR Economics' goal of helping guide business strategy for every leader that values accurate forecasts.

“[Jackie] has become a very, very accomplished economist. She is the future, she will help customers and clients along the way, she will help team members along the way, and she will be somebody that ITR will be built upon as we go forward.” – ITR President and Speaker Alan Beaulieu

Spotlight #2: Meet Kimberly, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Vice President of Sales and Marketing Kimberly Clark has been serving ITR Economics’ clients since 2011. When she began her journey at ITR Economics as a sales consultant, her responsibilities included selling subscriptions, talking to inbound prospects, and more.

Kimberly quickly became involved in the business development aspect of the company and has become an integral part of ITR Economics' overall success through her keen sense of tactical and strategic planning, her ability to understand client needs in changing times, her leadership in establishing our role as trusted advisors, and her invaluable contributions to sales growth and service profitability.

Thousands of clients, both domestic and international, have met with Kimberly over the years to understand our firm’s services and how best to incorporate them into their business strategy.

“I love working at ITR Economics and for our clients. There is this deep desire to help people strengthen their strategy to maximize success coupled with the most amazing satisfaction in watching the success that comes from the plan. My favorite part about working here are the hundreds of success stories we receive from our clients. The thank you emails and phone calls we receive are truly what fuel my energy every day I come into work.”Kimberly Clark 

That "deep desire" to help the world of business grow stronger that Kimberly mentions is the common thread that joins so many of ITR Economics' accomplishments of the past, present, and future. Kimberly’s new service ideas, new communication strategies, and new tactics for reaching wider audiences have supported ITR’s growth over the last 11 years and will continue to propel us into the future.

“Kim has this passion for helping companies see the future. She’s always determined to find a way that we can help a client. There’s got to be some way we can help them with what we know and what we do, and she’s relentless in finding that solution.”ITR CEO and Chief Economist Brian Beaulieu

ITR Economics is making a difference in our employees' lives, in our clients’ lives and businesses, in the greater community, and in the world. Head to our website to learn more about the Leadership Team driving this mission forward.

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