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Navigating the Financial Eddies of the 2030s

By Brian and Alan Beaulieu on May 20, 2024

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Brian and Alan Beaulieu

ITR Economics’ reason for first starting to talk about the 2030s, beginning in 2012, was to help businesses and individuals prepare for, and prosper through, the 2030s. Our July 2024 online seminar focused on the business aspects of our directive. The December 2024 online seminar is all about how to create more wealth.

What are the potential dollar results of taking action in multiple asset classes at various times from 2028 through 2039?

It is one thing to generally speak of the why of investing in bonds and what are our safe-haven bonds, but in this webinar, we will apply some real-world analysis into return probabilities. We will do the same for the other asset classes. We will also outline economic markers to give you a framework: “When I see X, it is time to initiate Y.”


Making the most of the 2030s in terms of wealth creation is all about being able to recognize the trends for what they are and having the knowledge you need to act appropriately.

We are not certified financial advisors. We could never tell you, especially in a webinar, that “this is what you should do,” because it would not be the right course of action for everyone. Risk profiles differ, tax considerations differ, and health, age, and family factor into the analysis. These are all considerations that a personal wealth advisor will work through with you.

What we know is economics and math. We will work through both aspects of what we know so that you will have a schematic that you can take back to your personal financial planner and ask questions like:

  1. Might this be an appropriate strategy for me?
  2. Am I even in a position to take this course of action?
  3. What should I be doing to prepare for when this opportunity arrives?



We will not forecast future tax rates. However, we can discuss tax policy potentials based on our macroeconomic outline of the 2030s. We will address this topic as well. However, the bottom line will be what we have been saying for years: a trusted tax advisor is going to be extremely important to you. Fortunately, ITR Economics is now part of Crowe, which is known for tax advisory practice!


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