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Outlook for the Distribution Sector

By Lauren Saidel-Baker on October 5, 2022

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Lauren Saidel-Baker

Lauren Saidel-Baker is an experienced speaker and economist. She graduated cum laude with honors in economics and a double major in religion from Wellesley College. Her experience in finance supports her commanding grasp of ITR Economics' programs and subscriptions and their practical applications.

The global economy is now firmly on the back side of the business cycle, and challenges are mounting for distributors. Although supply chain pressures are easing, hurdles remain and continue to challenge lead-time planning.

The labor market remains tight, creating capacity constraints across the industrial economy. While all industries must contend with these employment struggles, distributors in particular have an intense set of decisions to make regarding process improvements. Automation and other efficiency investments will be worthwhile if they can improve productivity and reduce labor reliance, but such decisions must be made in light of the ongoing interest rate cycle.

Most importantly, demand trends are still shifting in the wake of the pandemic’s 2020 onset and the rapid economic recovery of 2021. Volatility in demand creates a critical threat to pre-planned inventory levels. What would have been prudent planning last year may not be justifiable in the years to come.

This ITR Economics webinar will address key pain points currently facing distributors and outline our forecasts for industry demand in the coming years. Distributors, more so than most, rely on accurate demand forecasting to effectively plan inventory needs. With ITR Economics’ long-term forecast accuracy rating of 94.7%, webinar participants will be able to plan for 2023 and beyond with confidence.

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