Top 3 Ways an ITR Speaker Can Help You Make Better Strategic Decisions

Uncertainty and volatility are the prevailing challenges that business leaders confront today. The critical questions facing businesses are: “What will be the overall health and vibrancy of the US and global economies going forward?”; and “How can I be profitable and make critical strategic decisions in the face of such economic uncertainty?”

Sifting through the often-conflicting maze of economic information, hiring an ITR economic speaker can provide multiple benefits for both companies and associations.

First, an ITR economic speaker can offer a timely snapshot of the economy today and where it is headed over the next several years. Typical ITR Economics’ presentations cover topics such as industry and consumer trends, business-to-business activity, interest rates, oil prices, inflation, exchange rates, and more. ITR’s presentations can also provide macroeconomic forecasts for the next three years and industry-specific forecasts for the next 12 to 18 months, including predictions of when the business cycle peaks and lows will occur.

Second, an ITR speaker can help companies and association members determine what the latest economic developments mean to their businesses and their markets. Knowing what will happen is certainly helpful, but an ITR speaker can also suggest specific courses of action based on our proven Management Objectives™. These objectives will help audiences capitalize on the latest information to make the right strategic decisions at the right time. Connecting the dots between the macroeconomic inputs and the decisions facing business leaders, an ITR economic speaker can illustrate how the latest data impacts factors such as resource allocation, capacity planning, inventory management, capital investment, hiring, and borrowing activity.

Finally, an economic speaker from ITR can empower the decision makers in your business or association by teaching them a methodology by which they can take advantage of their internal data and gain additional insights to outperform the economic environment in the near term. Using rate-of-change calculations, an ITR economic speaker can teach an audience how to identify where they are in the business cycle, which key leading indicators to focus on for critical business decisions, and how to leverage this input to improve the effectiveness of actions taken by their management teams.

There are many benefits to hiring an economic speaker for your next company strategy planning session or association meeting. Hiring an ITR speaker will also guarantee that the presentation is entertaining and offers a lot of valuable, actionable insights to attendees. If you’re interested in hiring an ITR speaker for one of your future events, please contact us. We look forward to seeing you!

Alex Chausovsky
Senior Consulting Advisor