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Your Data Tells a Story – Do You Know It?

Many readers of our blog know of our work as a result of having seen one of our acclaimed economic presentations....

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Three Key Ways an ITR Presentation Can Improve Strategic Decisions

Uncertainty is the prevailing challenge that business leaders face today. Top questions facing decisionmakers are:...

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With Business Cycle Rise Impending, 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

The US industrial economy is on track for imminent business cycle rise. If your company performance tracks...

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Input Costs Are Rising – How Will You React?

What’s happening?

At first glance, we see that the US Producer Price Index (PPI), a measure of inflation for...

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Business Cycle Opportunities: An M&A Perspective

The US industrial economy is approaching a low point the business cycle. From a decision-making perspective, this is...

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2021 Manufacturing Outlook: Rise Ahead

Many manufacturing companies experienced annual contraction in their business in 2020 as a result of the pandemic...

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