The Value of a Market Forecast

By Kimberly Clark on October 10, 2019

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Kimberly Clark

Kimberly oversees global sales and strategic marketing planning.

If you were in a meeting and your boss asked you which markets you should target in your five-year plan, what would give you confidence as you answer the question?

Seeing Market Demand Before It Happens

The best answer: You have a reliable forecast for many of your end-use markets. Having an accurate market forecast provides visibility so you can proactively

  • determine future production demand,
  • identify when to implement adjustments to your internal production processes,
  • better manage your purchasing of raw materials, and
  • assist in finalizing pricing structures.

These are all examples of how a market forecast reduces uncertainty when you are grappling with decisions, but what about the opportunity that arises from this clarity?

A market forecast also enables visibility into which markets hold the most opportunity for growth, as well as which may pose the biggest risk for your business. 

A dashboard of 12-quarter forecasts for your end-use markets gives you enough runway for you to enact internal shifts to maximize your business’ growth potential.

Investment Capabilities

Evidence that your end-use markets are and providing opportunity for continued business growth can help convince investors that your business is worth considering. A Forecast Report can offer just that, not only with three-year projections but also the supporting text analysis explaining the drivers to the projection. 

Armed with this foresight, you have an advantage that perhaps your competitors do not.


Kimberly Clark
Director of Sales and Marketing
ITR Economics


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