2020 Is Up to You (And No One Else)

By Brian and Alan Beaulieu on November 7, 2019

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Brian and Alan Beaulieu

It is time to put the noise and economic history of 2019 behind us. What matters now is how well you will perform in 2020. Changing economic conditions, politics, global discord, and inconsistent news can create uncertainty and cause you to hesitate with some of the decisions you must make if you are going to maximize profits in 2020.

There is a shift in the business cycle coming. Shifts are times of great opportunity. We will separate the wheat from the chaff and show you why you can trust that the shift is coming. Knowing which indicators to watch will lead to understanding the when of the shift, which then becomes your time to position for profits.

In addition to the leading indicators, we will examine:

  1. Our Big 8 forecasts for 2020
  2. What the election could mean for our extended outlook
  3. The financial markets (stocks, interest rates, commodity prices)
  4. An ITR Equity Optimizer update

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