Changes in Supply, Sourcing, and Perceptions for 2021-2022

By Brian and Alan Beaulieu on October 9, 2020

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Brian and Alan Beaulieu

Onshoring and the supply chain are critical issues in today’s global environment. Companies with a secure supply chain have a competitive advantage in today’s COVID environment.

We will look at how companies can estimate their own resiliency to supply chain disruption as well as present management objectives relative to this issue. Disruptions occurred in most industries. We will examine those industries and determine where they are now and what your company can expect in those industries going forward.

A discussion on supply chain issues naturally flows into a follow-up discussion on onshoring/reshoring. This is not a new occurrence, but the flow of companies coming to the US is picking up speed. We will examine the reasons why companies are coming back to the US (or establishing an initial presence here), which industries are involved, and how you can take advantage of this trend even if you are already located in the US. Companies with overseas operations will be particularly interested in the compelling list of reasons why others have made the (expensive) decision to move operations back to the US. It is not all nationalism; there are also good financial reasons. We will also look at which states rank the highest for manufacturing, and why.

It would not be an ITR Economics presentation if we did not provide at least a quick look at key leading indicators and their impact on the economy, your business, and our forecasts.

Lastly, not everything is changing, though it can certainly seem that way. We will discuss the constants that we dare not lose sight of as we adapt to a future, post-pandemic world.



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