The Results Are In: This Is What Changed for 2021-2022

By Brian and Alan Beaulieu on October 10, 2020

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Brian and Alan Beaulieu

The last thing the economy needed in light of all the uncertainty created by COVID-19 and the government’s response(s) to the pandemic was a disruptive election with potential economic consequences.

This potentiality has proven to be a cause of uncertainty and angst for business decision makers. Decision makers tend to like a stable economic environment, in the sense of knowing the trends and knowing what the "unknowns" are. We are hard pressed to recall an election cycle that involved more consternation among many of our clients.

ITR Economics will provide economic guidance from the perspective of what is likely to occur regarding tax policies, federal spending, and regulations, in a nonpartisan manner. Our approach will continue to be numbers-driven.

We will tackle questions/issues such as:

  • What does the election result mean for the general economic outlook of rise in 2021 and 2022?
  • Does the result have an impact on our employment outlook?
  • How might the stock market fare, depending on the election results?
  • Might some sectors of the economy be “winners” and others “losers”?
  • What does the election result mean in terms of our 2021-2029 long-term outlook?
  • How about our even longer-range 2030-2040 outlook?

These are big questions, and we think we can provide the answers you need to make profitable decisions. Removing a layer of uncertainty is what we seek to accomplish. You will make better decisions as a result.

We are not tax attorneys or tax accountants. We are not wealth advisors of the caliber you require. We will stay in our lane as economists and bring you the economic view that you can then bring to these other experts.



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