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2023 Commodities Outlook

By Jeremy Bess on April 4, 2023

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Jeremy Bess

Jeremy Bess is a vital member of ITR Economics team of expert economists and consultants. Backed by a decade of consulting experience, he lends his expertise to the production of client reports, forecast reviews and research, and frequent communications with clients.

Pricing is always a top-of-mind topic for many of our subscribers. Whether your market is heavily impacted by a single commodity or a larger basket of goods, pricing is a key input to your top line and can significantly impact what is left over on the bottom line.

The pandemic shook the balance of supply and demand to a degree not seen in decades. This caused substantial upward movement in most commodity prices. Currently, many of these prices are retreating from their post-pandemic highs. We will take a deep dive into the drivers behind the current pricing landscape and how that shapes our expectations over the next few quarters.

In addition to the current demand drivers, this ITR Economics webinar will address specific forecasts for prices of metals, including copper, steel, and aluminum, and other commodities, such as lumber and oil and gas. We will also share our view on how labor prices may be impacting historical relationships between raw commodity prices and prices of intermediate or finished goods.

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