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2023 in Our Sights: How Will Manufacturing Stack Up?

By Jeremy Bess on January 4, 2023

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Jeremy Bess

Jeremy Bess is a vital member of ITR Economics team of expert economists and consultants. Backed by a decade of consulting experience, he lends his expertise to the production of client reports, forecast reviews and research, and frequent communications with clients.

The top music apps have started a popular year-end trend: showcasing their listeners’ top-played songs and artists of the past year. They call it something like “Your 2022 in Review,” and the trend has caused quite a buzz. 

Even at our office, team members are discussing their results. It creates a little friendly competition and inspires debates over who has the better musical palate. We thought it would be fitting to take a similar stance as we focus on the US industrial economy and make a deeper dive into the manufacturing industry: How did they stack up in 2022?

As you may know, however, we at ITR are always focused on the future. And our subscribers want to know when the next recession will occur and the details around that. So, in classic ITR fashion, we are inviting you join us to discuss our updated forecasts for the US industrial economy and for the major manufacturing markets, so you can continue to effectively plan at least a half business cycle ahead in a world of rising uncertainty.

This ITR Economics webinar will address the key points around supply chain and reshoring initiatives. We will discuss finding markets that can win in 2023. We will wrap up with an update on the manufacturing labor markets. ITR Insider™ members will receive a link to this January webinar as soon as it’s available for viewing. Tune in and gain insights – then, you will know your “2023 in Review” before it happens.


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