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Jeremy Bess

Jeremy Bess is a vital member of ITR Economics team of expert economists and consultants. Backed by a decade of consulting experience, he lends his expertise to the production of client reports, forecast reviews and research, and frequent communications with clients.
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Webinars Retail Shipping & Trade

2024 Outlook for the Distribution Sector
By Jeremy Bess on October 12, 2023

As the US and global economies navigate the back side of the business cycle, it is imperative for distributors to gain a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics unfolding in preparation...

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Webinars Manufacturing

2023 Commodities Outlook
By Jeremy Bess on April 4, 2023

Pricing is always a top-of-mind topic for many of our subscribers. Whether your market is heavily impacted by a single commodity or a larger basket of goods, pricing is a key input to your...

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Webinars Manufacturing

2023 in Our Sights: How Will Manufacturing Stack Up?
By Jeremy Bess on January 4, 2023

The top music apps have started a popular year-end trend: showcasing their listeners’ top-played songs and artists of the past year. They call it something like “Your 2022 in Review,” and...

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