Challenges and Changes Through 2020 - Part 2

Sometimes life changes and the winds shift. Brian and I will be looking at what is happening in the US with updates on the trade situation regarding China, Europe, and the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). Companies that export or that work with firms that export will learn what they can expect through 2019 and into 2020. We will also discuss what we expect for exchange rates for the rest of the year.

Labor remains an ongoing issue. We will present our outlooks for employment growth and wage escalation, as well as the inflation outlook as a guide to cost-of-living increases. We will also present a few ideas on how to attract labor.

Included in the review of economic conditions will be the current status of leading indicators, as they will provide a clear indication of what the economy will be doing through the latter half of the year.

You may have joined us for our December webinar. Here we are, six months later, ready to share with you the new developments to our ITR Economics outlook and the “must-know” trends that will most certainly impact business activity during the remaining six months of the year.

Alan Beaulieu

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