Construction Market Trends: Mid-2021 Update

By Connor Lokar on May 6, 2021

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Connor Lokar

As a millennial, Connor brings a new perspective to the world of economics, delivering ITR’s industry-leading accuracy to current C-suite executives while forging connections with the next generation of business leaders.

Residential construction markets are red hot, but nonresidential segments are still grappling with aftershocks related to COVID-19 and hits to commercial facility utilization.

In addition to shifting market forces, overt inflationary trends in key construction inputs such as hard and softwoods, steel, copper, and others are contributing to an uneven landscape to be navigated.

In this May 20 webinar, we will provide an update on the state of the residential segment. We will address the runaway growth and how long we can expect it to continue, as well as what the eventual slowing growth trend will look like. All real estate is local, so we will also evaluate regional and state-level trends to identify the hottest markets at this point in the cycle.

We will then examine the nonresidential side of the market, with an update on the winners and losers in that segment so far as well as a look at some hope-bringing leading indicators that are starting to foreshadow the market rebound that will follow macroeconomic growth this year. We will also look at pricing trends for key inputs and offer guidance regarding when we may see some relief from the so-far unrelenting price increases.

Connor Lokar

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