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The Coming Headline Hysteria

In our recent joint webinar, ITR President Alan Beaulieu and I commented on how "slaying headlines" is one of our...

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Economic Recovery: Perception and Reality

A lot of folks think perception is reality, and to a certain extent I agree. Perception can often become your...

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And the Rest of North America? Canada and Mexico Also Poised for 2021 Rebound

What’s Happening

The US will not be the only North American economy to rebound in 2021; expect improving conditions...

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Residential Construction: A Year in Review and a Look Forward

After starting 2020 at a strong pace, residential construction was thrown into decline and uncertainty in the spring...

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Construction Trends 2021

In my most recent ITR webinar, Construction Trends 2021, I discussed the divergence between residential and...

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US Dollar Weakening as We Head Into New Year

The US dollar is sliding backward after surging to a more than three-year high in the early stages of the COVID-19...

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