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As a millennial, Connor brings a new perspective to the world of economics, delivering ITR’s industry-leading accuracy to current C-suite executives while forging connections with the next generation of business leaders.
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How to Make the Right Business Decisions During the Russia and Ukraine War
By Connor Lokar on March 11, 2022

Another black swan is upon us, this time in the form of the evolving Russian invasion of Ukraine. An event such as this always brings an immense amount of noise for business owners and...

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Housing Growth Slowdown a Harbinger of What’s to Come
By Connor Lokar on February 10, 2022

US single-family residential markets are in a slowing growth trend. Yes, anyone attempting to purchase a home right now may dispute this, as high prices and extremely tight inventory...

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ITR Experts Say Strategic Planning

Shifting Phases, Shifting Strategies
By Connor Lokar on January 11, 2022

Management objectives are tailored strategies that are implemented during specific phases of the business cycle to yield better results. The industrial economy and most players in it are at...

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ITR Experts Say Retail

The Sugar High Fades: Post-Stimulus Consumer Trends
By Connor Lokar on November 11, 2021

A unique combination of pent-up demand, initially depressed price levels, and profound stimulus support (boosting both savings and disposable income) has yielded explosive demand and...

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Inflation Starts to Bite
By Connor Lokar on November 10, 2021

Most see "inflation" as a dirty word, indicative of weakening spending power and the diminishing purchasing capability of a fixed number of dollars, both of which are technically true....

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The Evergrande Implosion – China’s Problem or the World’s?
By Connor Lokar on October 1, 2021

The world’s attention has zeroed in on private-sector property developer Evergrande Group, and worldwide financial markets are roiled over the firm's potential to miss interest payments or...

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