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Eyes on Europe as We Await the Data

After disastrous decline during the first and second quarters of 2020, Europe is in an encouraging but still nascent...

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A Sign of Life in a Key Nonresidential Construction Leading Indicator

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, decline was nearly universal in economic metrics across most sectors, including...

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Second-Quarter Tax Data Suggests Pain on the Way for Public Sector Construction

The US and global economy found itself thrown into the abyss in March and April, navigating shutdowns,...

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Leading Indicators Hanging on Despite Second Wave

The US has been battling a resurgent wave of COVID-19 cases since mid-June. While this situation constitutes a...

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Housing Is Heating Back Up

The US housing market is snapping back, and that is great news for anyone tied to that market and for the US economy...

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Stimulus Cavalry Came in April; Consumer Cavalry Was Stuck at Home

The stimulus cavalry showed up in April, but consumer spending did not. The foundation has clearly been laid for...

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