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Commercial Construction Markets Coming Back

Recent leading indicators suggest that nonresidential construction activity will be rebounding as we head into the...

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May's PMI Reading: A Likely First Look at 2022 Slowdown

We love rates-of-change at ITR Economics because they make the subtle seem obvious. The most recent reading for the...

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Colonial Pipeline Shutdown Exacerbates Rising Fuel Cost Trend

Global and US supply chains cannot catch a break in 2021. Following in the footsteps of February's southern-US deep...

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Construction Market Trends: Mid-2021 Update

Residential construction markets are red hot, but nonresidential segments are still grappling with aftershocks...

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The Coming Headline Hysteria

In our recent joint webinar, ITR President Alan Beaulieu and I commented on how "slaying headlines" is one of our...

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Economic Recovery: Perception and Reality

A lot of folks think perception is reality, and to a certain extent I agree. Perception can often become your...

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