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Construction Market Trends for 2022

Posted by Connor Lokar on Sep 15, 2021 9:32:53 AM

Construction markets are set to shift in 2022. Residential construction activity has sustained a red-hot pace from mid-2020 through the majority of 2021, while nonresidential construction activity has remained depressed.

However, these market trends are shifting. The rates-of-change for various residential market indicators are turning over, signaling a different growth environment next year. At the same time, nonresidential market trends are finally starting to turn up, setting the table for a 2022 rebound in market activity.

•  Will housing market growth continue in 2022?

•  Will supply chain constraints improve next year?

•  Where are material costs headed next year?

•  What rebound can be expected for nonresidential markets next year?

In this fall 2021 webinar, we will explore the paths forward for these markets, the risks posed by coronavirus variants, the likely impacts from the probable passage of the sweeping US infrastructure bill this fall, the direction of supply chain and material pricing trends, and the implications of shifting macroeconomic growth for construction segments next year.

Connor Lokar

Senior Forecaster


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