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By Kimberly Clark on September 2, 2020

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Kimberly Clark

Kimberly oversees global sales and strategic marketing planning.

What comes “standard” in a customized webinar?

In every customized webinar, the speaker will walk you through the following components of economic activity:

  • Review of short- and long-term economic forecasts (US and/or global)
  • How the expected economic trends will directly impact the attendees of the presentation
  • Review of ITR Economics Management Objectives and discussion on how these directly relate to the audience
  • Identification of Business Cycle Phases and what these mean to the audience
  • Leading economic indicators of utmost importance to watch
  • Economic insight on inflation, interest rates, and taxes
  • Time-sensitive current events: developments of public concern and their expected impacts to the audience's businesses, as well as counsel for moving forward

How can the webinar be “customized”?

Before the webinar date, ITR Economics’ events coordinator will schedule a call between yourself and our speaker so you may discuss desired content. We will mutually agree to what ITR Economics is able to include and what will be presented during the session. Please make these arrangements at the earliest possible date to ensure sufficient time for us to accommodate customized requests.

What are some of the types of customized requests you receive?

We are often asked to focus on specific areas of economic activity such as:

  • Regionally focused trends
  • Industry-specific trends
  • Current events that are of high importance to the audience
  • Types of trends that impact specific types of businesses (example: trends that directly impact those in distribution versus trends that impact those specifically in the retail sales sector)

How long do these webinars last?

The webinar consists of a 90-minute presentation.

Is there any interaction with the audience?

Yes. There is a questions-and-answers segment at the end of each webinar in which the audience can pose their questions directly to the speaker and/or a moderator. Should time run out before the speaker has answered all incoming questions, ITR Economics will record a podcast to answer the remaining questions and ensure it is sent either directly to attendees or to the organization that purchased the webinar, which would then distribute to the audience.

Do I have to have my own webinar platform from which you present to the audience?

No. ITR Economics has the ability to set up the webinar on our own platform, from which your audience may register.

What industries can you present on?

The list is much too long for an FAQ worksheet. We have 10,000+ datasets in our database that cover the full spectrum of the economy, both in the US and abroad (Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, Central America).

Do I get a recording of the webinar?

Yes. A recording and copy of the slides are sent to you within 48 hours of the live event.

May I distribute the recording and slides to whomever I please?

No. You may post the recording behind a password-protected site for members of your organization alone to view. You may send the slides to your members as well. These materials are not for public consumption.

Can I use sponsors to help fund the webinar and give them a benefit somehow?

Yes. We have the ability to add more logos to the beginning slide, thank sponsors, or even allow them introduce our speaker at the beginning of the presentation as a value-add for sponsoring your event.

Do you invite your contacts to join a webinar that I purchase?

No. The only attendees are those you invite.

Can you help us develop marketing content to promote the webinar?

Yes. ITR Economics’ marketing department can help with images, social media content, videos, and more upon request.

Can we see the presenter during the webinar?

Yes. All ITR Economics speakers have high-resolution web cameras attached to their computers. They will share their video during the webinar unless you request that they not do so.

Do you have testimonials from others who have used your webinar services?

Yes. Please see our testimonials one-sheet here.

Do you have feedback regarding your presentations in general?

Yes. Please see our very robust testimonials page here on our website .

Do you have materials with more information about your speakers and their skillsets?

Yes. Please check out our speaking services page to access information about our speakers.

Do you have more materials with additional information on your webinars?

Yes. Please see the below resources, and – of course – feel free to reach out to us any time!


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