ITR Economics Onsite Consultative Visits FAQ

By Kimberly Clark on July 28, 2020

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Kimberly Clark

Kimberly oversees global sales and strategic marketing planning.

Which of your services include onsite consultations?

Our premier services, EVP™ and EVP 360™, include an annual onsite consultation with the expert ITR economist responsible for your account and whoever you would like to attend from your company.

What type of consultation is included in my EVP program?

Your expert ITR economist will review your most recent report and include a macroeconomic update, industry foresight, and your company-specific forecast.

What type of consultation is provided if I am not a premier client using an EVP program?

You may hire an ITR Economics speaker to come onsite and meet with your team in a variety of capacities. These can include: sitting on a panel as an economic expert, attending a board meeting as an economic expert, joining a leadership strategy session as an economic expert, or presenting to any group within your company a keynote that walks through the global economy, national trends, and industry-specific trends applicable to your business.

What are the costs of such types of visits?

The cost varies according to the type of content provided, the duration of the meeting, and the speaker that is chosen. Contact us for additional details.

Is there an actual presentation with slides or just a conversation?

We can provide either. These consultations are customized to your needs.

Will the information include specific details for my industry?

Yes. Prior to your signing a contract for the consultation, an account executive will walk through your preferences with you. They will ensure that the content you desire is something that our experts can provide. Once you move forward with booking the consultation, our events coordinator will schedule a pre-event call between your team and the ITR Economics economist so you may explain directly what you are looking to receive.


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