How Can Insider™ Benefit My Business?

By Kimberly Clark on May 29, 2020

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Kimberly Clark

Kimberly oversees global sales and strategic marketing planning.

Generally speaking, most business leaders are too busy throughout the day to read through an encyclopedia of information.

Would you consider yourself in that category, too?

However, these business leaders still need reliable, actionable information to inform their decisions.

Do you wish you had more time to devote to reviewing information to support your decision-making processes?

If you answered “yes” to both questions above, then the ITR Economics Insider™ can benefit you and your business. Here’s how:

  • Designed to give you quick access to must-know key trends
  • Relates economic trends to business activity
  • Gives information in business terms, from business economists
  • Provides economic outlooks so you can see coming turns in business activity
  • Includes videos, articles, infographics, and tables to ensure all business leaders can consume the key insights via their preferred medium

The Insider membership was developed to provide clear, concise guidance for the busy executive. The service is broken down into five categories:

  • Business Series Webinars
  • ITR Advisor™
  • US Economic Forecast Dashboard
  • Economic Leading Indicator Updates
  • ITR Academy

Each of these categories was meticulously designed for a quick read or view so the busy executive can promptly absorb the cohesive takeaways.

Let’s see how we do this:

Business Series Webinars Hosted by Expert Connor Lokar

Do you find it easier to listen to a webinar while working on other projects at your desk? Or perhaps you would rather be presented with information than read through articles?

We have included 60-minute business-focused webinars as part of your membership! These are focused on general economic trends that impact your business strategy, including healthcare trends, labor trends, inflation, and more. After their release, webinars are available in your online portal for 12 months, so there is always a great library of information for you to access.

Insider members also receive exclusive discount codes for our popular Executive Series Webinars!

ITR Advisor™

The monthly ITR Advisor™ is divided into four segments:

  • US Macroeconomic Update
    • This update highlights major trends within the overall US economy and our expectations of how those trends will impact business activity.
    • Each update is coupled with an infographic for fast consumption.
  • Current Event Article
    • We highlight a current event or development that would be top-of-mind for most business leaders during that particular month.
    • We include an action item (Management Objective™) you can take back to your business after reading the article.
  • Snapshots
    • The newsletter includes a table of leading indicators and a concise longer-term outlook for the US economy.
    • These snapshots also include industry trend highlights. Note: Each highlight includes two or three bullet points of text, ensuring a quick read.
  • State Details
    • For those more regionally focused, a heat map of economic health by state is included.
    • This perspective on regional economic health rotates through the different aspects of the economy, such as employment, housing construction permits, and more.
  • Readers’ Forum
    • We receive numerous questions on how current events will impact the economy and our outlook.
    • Our expert economists provide up-to-date details on the latest news and headlines and the economic implications.

US Economic Forecast Dashboard

Budget setting, sales goals, investment considerations, labor management, capacity planning – these are the tasks of a busy executive. These are also tasks that would benefit from having a reliable economic forecast from which to plan an effective roadmap for the business.

Do you use forecasting in your business planning? Is it as accurate as you would like it to be?

The Insider includes a table of the major segments of the US economy, with three-year projections for each. This will help you not only with budget setting for next year but also with your longer-term investment plan.

Once again, the information is provided in a clear format so you can quickly absorb it and incorporate it into your business planning.

Leading Indicator Updates

Do you have time to continuously track the factors that impact the forecasts you depend on as you make decisions? Not to worry – most executives do not!

That is why we have included an update on these key factors – ITR Economics calls them “Leading Indicators.” Each update includes a chart for a quick visual overview as well as a brief write-up for greater detail.

There is no need to be concerned about missing a change to the economic environment – your Insider membership will keep you informed along the way!

ITR Academy

If you are a business leader with a background in something other than economics, ITR Academy is the perfect platform for learning the ins and outs of our methodology, terminology, and best practices when it comes to using our insights as a business tool.

Ultimately, ITR Insider benefits your business through providing actionable, forward-looking advice in a clear, concise manner, making it easy to use for any busy executive!

Insider Plus™

Are you looking for even more insights to add to your Insider membership? Insider Plus™ bundles the insights of the popular Insider membership with ITR Economics' By the Numbers™ podcast! This podcast highlights the latest headlines in the media and helps listeners distinguish fact from fiction to aid them in their business planning. 

Did you know you can now view your Insider membership via the ITR onDemand App? Download today!

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