A Data-Driven Outlook

Have you ever noticed that headlines use adjectives and adverbs? If you are old enough, you remember when we got information without the sensationalism. I am thinking of a New York Times headline that said the increase in unemployment was "staggering." That is a very subjective opinion and loaded with emotion for readers. I might have added “anticipated” to it because it was, which lessens the crisis and makes it a part of an understood process.

That is what we are going to do on May 22. We are going to keep opinionated adjectives and adverbs away, and we will discuss the last two months of data in a way that will allow us all to draw unemotional conclusions. There will be a lot of data for us to look at and analyze.

The results of March and April, and a look at leading indicators and at what is happening in the world, will lead us to conclusions we can use to drive our businesses into the second half of the year.


Alan Beaulieu



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