Great Depression Investment Property Analysis

Prepare for the 2030s Depression With Our Investment Property Analysis

By ITR Economics on January 23, 2024

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With the coming depression in the 2030s, there will be cities across the United States where the economic climate will result in financial losses for real estate investors who are unprepared. The value of many properties will be subject to downward pressure in the next decade, and certain cities, counties, and states will fare far worse than others. To help improve your real estate investment strategy, ITR Economics’ new Investment Property Analysis will help you ensure you are prepared for what the 2030s depression will bring.

What is ITR Economics' Investment Property Analysis (IPA)?

The Investment Property Analysis (IPA) is a brand-new service from ITR Economics – we evaluate mutually agreed upon cities and states to determine which areas present high or low risk potential in light of our 2030s depression outlook.

Some of our clients own property across the country; others are looking to move to a new city or state because of the coming depression. Our Investment Property Analysis will uncover which locations will provide the best opportunities for wealth creation and which are poised for economic decline.

These insights will help you determine which properties you should divest before the 2030s depression hits, which should be held from your existing property portfolio, or which cities to consider for layering in additional property investments (according to property type) – all determined by the IPA.

“The Investment Property Analysis goes to the very core of why ITR Economics shares our research and insights regarding the coming depression of the 2030s: avoiding loss and maximizing long-term wealth accumulation.” – Brian Beaulieu, ITR Economics CEO and Chief Economist

How Does ITR Economics Determine Which Areas Present High or Low Risk Potential?

There are multiple economic stressors that ITR Economics takes into account when running our analysis. These include various metrics such as population, education, employment, poverty, and so much more.

We run this analysis for the locations where an individual either already holds property or is considering purchasing property. The outcome from our analysis will help clients make that invest/divest decision with insight from our experts, who bring unparalleled accuracy.

How to Inquire About Our Investment Property Analysis Service

Our Investment Property Analysis service is available for purchase now! To learn more about our new IPA, be sure to contact us at ITR Economics and get in touch with one of our account executives to get started.

The coming Great Depression of the 2030s will catch many investors off guard, and the cost of holding real estate that will decline in value is too great. Make sure you sell your properties at a cyclical high and buy properties at a cyclical low with the help of our Investment Property Analysis!

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