The Decade of Distress: It's Coming

By Brian and Alan Beaulieu on October, 26 2018

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Brian and Alan Beaulieu

The economy is shifting gears. The opportunities and challenges over the next 10-12 years will offer more upside potential and pose greater downside risks to our businesses and personal portfolios. While the rules of the game remain the same, we have not had to refer to this particular playbook in quite some time.

And just as we get used to the “norm” of the next 10-12 years, we will have to be ready for something else – a real game changer. In an economic lifetime, there are not too many seasons in which the downside risks far outweigh the upside opportunities. We are headed directly toward one of those periods.

Our on-site presentation will be all about how to prepare for the economic turmoil of 2030-2040. It looms ahead, an experience that will make for fascinating reading, but, for those bound to weather it, something else entirely. Preparation will be key to keeping your family and your business secure during the Decade of Distress.

We began talking about it about four years ago; nothing has transpired since to alter our conclusions. In our presentation, we will cover what would have to occur to soften the anticipated blow of the Decade of Distress. What are the odds of beating this long-wave economic cycle? You will judge for yourself.

Brian and Alan Beaulieu
CEO and President

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