ITR Trends Report: Four Modules, Four Indispensable Values

Packed with economic insights, forecasts, Management Objectives™, and strategies, our monthly ITR Economics Trends Report™ gives your business the edge. This industry-leading forecasting publication includes four comprehensive reports – or modules – covering the complete spectrum of today’s U.S. economy. Each individual module offers its own distinct value.

Core Module

The main module of the Trends Report boasts a wealth of forecasting information. This is where ITR Economics was in print in 2006 warning our clients of the coming Great Recession! Brian Beaulieu's Executive Summary, one of the most exciting components of the Core Module, offers valuable insight from the mind of our CEO into the key events and indicators set to impact the U.S. economy.

Why You Should Read This Module:

  • Seeing around the economic corner provides you with a roadmap to success.
  • Understanding how current events will likely impact market activity will help you insulate your business from future pain and prepare it to tap future prosperity.
  • Seeing where Employment is moving over the next three years gives you a heads-up on future hiring opportunities as well as periods when qualified labor will be hard to find.
  • Knowing the health of the consumer will help you better prepare your business for growing or slowing demand.

Financial Module

Looking for analysis of crucial financial segments such as Corporate Bond Prices or Commodity Prices, or perhaps a three-year forecast and analysis of the Consumer and Producer Price Indexes?

Why You Should Read This Module:

  • Knowing where commodity prices are headed will help you know when to buy, when to lock in prices, and when to sell to maximize your profitability.
  • If you regularly look for investment opportunities, this module will provide you the accurate, reliable foresight you need to maximize your portfolio's potential.
  • Using Price Indexes will help you protect your profit margin from inflationary pressures.

Construction Module

As in our other modules, our construction forecasts span three years; here you can find information on US Single Unit Housing Starts, US Multi Unit Housing Starts, US Manufacturing Construction, US Warehouse Construction, US Multi Retail Construction, and more.

Why You Should Read This Module:

  • If your products or services are used in new construction or remodeling, this is the module for you! It will help you determine which verticals will offer the most room for growth and which may be slowing down, dampening demand.
  • The wide range of vertical markets forecast in the Construction Module will allow you to identify new areas of opportunity and diversify your own market makeup for sustainable growth.
  • ITR Economics’ unparalleled forecasting accuracy for the U.S. construction sector is key to confident decision-making in an otherwise volatile-seeming industry.

Manufacturing Module

If you are a manufacturer in the U.S., this module is a MUST READ. Tapping into ITR's 94.7% accuracy and in-depth knowledge of the world of U.S. manufacturing will enhance your ability to navigate the markets with agility and stay profitable in any Phase of the Business Cycle.
Why You Should Read This Module:

  • With forecasts and analysis for 14 major verticals within the U.S. manufacturing sector, this is the most extensive module of the Trends Report.
  • Knowing where your market is headed over the next three years is critical for effective resource planning.
  • If you are looking to expand into new markets, this module will help you identify the manufacturing segments likely to offer the most opportunity over the next three years.
  • As you consider marketing campaigns and sales goals for the upcoming year, this module will show you what kind of annual growth rates to expect, allowing you to realistically align your objectives with economic conditions.

Further value

The value of the Trends Report doesn’t end with the content within. Because we want to be sure you can use the information with confidence, we also provide access to our analysts for questions specific to the report!

Are you an analyst for your company? Or perhaps in charge of your internal forecasting? You also receive access to the last 10 years of rate-of-change data history for each chart found in the report. This information is provided via Excel Workbook so you can download and use it in your own internal models.

Update: the ITR Trends Report has a new and improved portal! Visit to check it out.

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