Wholesale Trade: Identifying What Matters in a Volatile World

Global volatility seems to be rising, not least due to black swan events such as COVID-19. Supply chain disruptions, price shocks, and demand interruptions are real worries, but which will impact markets to lasting effect, and which will merely temporarily distract? In turbulent times, it is more important than ever to base decisions on empirical data rather than emotional response.

Please join us for an examination of wholesale trade markets that will cut through the noise.

US Wholesale Trade of Durable Goods finished 2019 roughly even with the 2018 level – should we expect a resurgence of sustainable growth in that market? In contrast, Wholesale Trade of Nondurable Goods is rising at a modest pace, but will rise last?

Inflation is likely to become a growing concern in 2020, and higher prices will put upward pressure on dollar-denominated measures of trade. Will real growth outpace mere pricing increases? What does that mean on a volume basis? The consumer sector is not cooling to the same degree as the industrial sector. Which markets are likely to offer the most favorable opportunities, and how can you capitalize on this information?

For answers to these questions, please join us for our March webinar. We will identify current trends in the wholesale trade markets and outline our forecasts for the coming years. The world is changing, and uncertainty can’t be ignored. It is up to you to filter the noise from what really matters.


Lauren Saidel-Baker