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ITR Economics is the oldest, privately-held, continuously operating, economic research and consulting firm in the US.
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Global Great Depression

How Can I Prepare My Business for the 2030s Great Depression?
By ITR Economics on September 22, 2022

Whether it’s the labor shortage, rising interest rates, inflation, or supply chain issues, today’s business leaders have been facing numerous problems so far this decade. However, the...

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Webinars Capital Investment

The ‘Silver Tsunami’ and Its Effects on the M&A Landscape
By ITR Economics on September 19, 2022

Don't miss our upcoming complimentary webinar on October 28, 2022, The ‘Silver Tsunami’ and Its Effects on the M&A Landscape, presented in partnership with ButcherJoseph & Co.

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ITR Experts Say Management Planning

Location, Location, Location: For Enhanced Economic Insight, Use Regional Data
By ITR Economics on September 8, 2022

“Watch not just GDP, but also your individual markets.” We frequently repeated this advice to our readers and clients as the current period of slowing macroeconomic growth was approaching....

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Meet Our New VP of Technology: Joe Beaulieu
By ITR Economics on August 25, 2022

Many people play large roles in the success of ITR Economics. That is why it is so exciting to promote our great employees for their accomplishments at the company. Today, we are proud to...

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Global Great Depression

1930s Great Depression vs 2030s Great Depression: Similarities and Differences
By ITR Economics on August 17, 2022

Most people have lived through difficult economic times of some sort. And everyone has at some point learned about the most significant economic downturn in modern US history – the Great...

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ITR Experts Say Budget Planning

Budget Season Is Data Season
By ITR Economics on August 11, 2022

Though the particulars may vary, our overarching advice for budget season never really changes: Use a data-driven approach to remove emotions from the picture as you plan for the following...

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