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Construction Manufacturing Recessions

US Economy in 2024 – Where Are We Now?
By ITR Economics on February 20, 2024

2024 has so far been a tricky year for businesses. Many are feeling recessionary pressures. Because the major industries move through the phases of the business cycle at varying times,...

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News ITR Experts Say

Strong Jobs Report Not Necessarily a Bullish Signal for US Industrial Economy
By ITR Economics on February 15, 2024

The January jobs numbers landed with fanfare, and phrases such as “blowing away expectations” dominated headlines and soundbites.

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ITR Experts Say Great Depression

Top 5 Best and Worst US States to Be in During the 2030s Depression
By ITR Economics on February 6, 2024

The coming depression of the 2030s will have a varying impact on countries across the globe. Within the US, too, some states will fare better than others. Whether it is affordability, job...

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Great Depression Financial Blueprint

10-Year Forecast to Guide Your Business Through the 2030s Depression
By ITR Economics on January 30, 2024

We are often asked about our depression forecast for the 2030s. We get questions such as “What does it look like?” or “What does it mean?” or “When should I sell?” While we will continue to...

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News ITR Experts Say Global

Red Sea Attacks: Potential Economic Impact for the US
By ITR Economics on January 25, 2024

Following several attacks toward Israel in October, Houthi militants have been attacking ships in and near the Red Sea, off the coast of Yemen, since November, targeting both military and...

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Great Depression Investment Property Analysis

Prepare for the 2030s Depression With Our Investment Property Analysis
By ITR Economics on January 23, 2024

With the coming depression in the 2030s, there will be cities across the United States where the economic climate will result in financial losses for real estate investors who are...

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