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Identify Positive or Negative Trends Within Your Industry

Industry Trends: Opportunities and Risks

  • Do you have a firm grasp on the direction your market segments are headed?

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How Can DataCast™ Benefit My Business?

ITR Economics has a tool called DataCast™ that will help increase your internal forecasting accuracy, identify...

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To Buy or Not to Buy: That is the Question

Considering making an acquisition or selling a business? Read this blog post before finalizing your decision!

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Insider or Trends Report—Do I Need Both?

Often, we are asked, “Should I subscribe to both the Trends Report and the Insider?”. To help you in your...

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Top Three Reasons to Benchmark Yourself Against Your Total Market

  1. Determine if you are outperforming your market
  2. Determine if you are underperforming your market
  3. Identify the growth...

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The Importance of Sales Forecasting

When we ask our clients why they are using our consulting services, the most common response is "strategic...

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