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The Strong US Dollar – How Much Longer?
By Brian Beaulieu on November 3, 2022

The US dollar, measured against the euro, is at its strongest point since November 2002 on a 3MMA (three-month moving average) basis. This is a change of 14.7% from one year ago and 18.3%...

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Plan a Business Cycle Ahead to Set Your Business Up for Success
By ITR Economics on October 27, 2022

Every company should have plans for when business is booming and when business is struggling. However, not many effectively plan for the future. But how can they? No one quite knows what...

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What the Headlines Got Wrong on Inflation
By ITR Economics on October 25, 2022

As we produce our reports and articles, we carefully consider the level of detail to provide. We ask ourselves: Do we need to expend some precious page space to explain a foundational...

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No Time to Waste: Stay Head of Mounting Labor Costs
By Alan Beaulieu on October 20, 2022

The percentage of overall operating costs that labor accounts for will vary by industry and company, but it is an important component of just about anyone’s cost structure. The availability...

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Budget Season Is Data Season
By ITR Economics on August 11, 2022

Though the particulars may vary, our overarching advice for budget season never really changes: Use a data-driven approach to remove emotions from the picture as you plan for the following...

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Budget Planning For 2023 Despite Economic Challenges
By ITR Economics on August 10, 2022

It has certainly been a tough start to the decade for businesses. Beginning with the immense impact of COVID-19 and on to today, many companies are facing difficult challenges such as a...

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