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Great Depression Financial Blueprint

3 Common Questions Our 10-Year Forecast Will Answer
By ITR Economics on February 27, 2024

With ITR Economics forecasting an economic depression during the 2030s, there is a lot for a business leader to think about when it comes to the future of their company. Financial...

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ITR Experts Say Great Depression

Top 5 Best and Worst US States to Be in During the 2030s Depression
By ITR Economics on February 6, 2024

The coming depression of the 2030s will have a varying impact on countries across the globe. Within the US, too, some states will fare better than others. Whether it is affordability, job...

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Great Depression Financial Blueprint

10-Year Forecast to Guide Your Business Through the 2030s Depression
By ITR Economics on January 30, 2024

We are often asked about our depression forecast for the 2030s. We get questions such as “What does it look like?” or “What does it mean?” or “When should I sell?” While we will continue to...

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Great Depression Investment Property Analysis

Prepare for the 2030s Depression With Our Investment Property Analysis
By ITR Economics on January 23, 2024

With the coming depression in the 2030s, there will be cities across the United States where the economic climate will result in financial losses for real estate investors who are...

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Insights from Our CEO Great Depression

But What About…?: Answering Questions on the 2030s Depression
By Brian Beaulieu on January 5, 2024

Why Will It Be a Prolonged Decline? Essentially the question revolves around central bank intervention through increased liquidity and lower (and perhaps negative) interest rates, and...

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Great Depression

Why Awareness of the Coming Great Depression Is Vital for Success in the 2030s
By ITR Economics on December 27, 2023

ITR Economics has been talking about the coming 2030s Great Depression since the 2014 release of the book “Prosperity in the Age of Decline.” Now, 10 years later, many people are still...

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