Be a Data-Driven Decision Maker in 2021

The start of a new year presents an opportunity to do things differently. The ITR Economics team hopes that one of...

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Construction Trends 2021

In my most recent ITR webinar, Construction Trends 2021, I discussed the divergence between residential and...

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2021 Commodity Price Outlook

Many of the recent conversations my fellow colleagues and I are having with our clients are related to inflation...

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Bah Humbug on the 'Doom and Gloomers'

Here Are Two Reasons Why


The headlines trumpeted that Retail Sales fell in November, a move that many did not see...

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US Dollar Weakening as We Head Into New Year

The US dollar is sliding backward after surging to a more than three-year high in the early stages of the COVID-19...

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What Might a Capital Gains Tax Increase Mean for the Stock Market?

There have been only three notable increases in the capital gains tax rate over the last 51 years (there were...

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