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Gold: Perfect Timing Is Rare
By Brian Beaulieu on July 17, 2024

Gold is desired for many reasons, including Security, Status, Beauty, Utility, and Investment. The only reason contemplated here is investment. If you bought gold at the bottom in 2022,...

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Insider By the Numbers

The Dangers of Misleading News Headlines
By ITR Economics on July 16, 2024

In this digital age of social media and a myriad of media outlets, news and information is always at our fingertips. However, every media organization is biased in some shape or form, as...

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Manufacturing Q&A

US Manufacturing Overview for 2024 With ITR Economist Michael Feuz
By ITR Economics on July 11, 2024

ITR Economist and Speaker Michael Feuz provides our outlook for the US manufacturing industry in 2024 and over the next few years. He details how long each market will be under the economic...

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Made in Mexico: Trends & Predictions for Mexico’s Economy
By Connor Lokar on June 27, 2024

Mexico is a crucial nearshoring destination as more and more companies bring their manufacturing to North American shores. Manufacturing goods closer to the North American consumer can help...

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Executive Insights Strategic Planning

Halfway Through 2024, Are You Where You Expected to Be?
By Jackie Greene on June 27, 2024

Are your bookings on track with your projections? Is your revenue on track to meet your year-end goal? Throughout this cycle, there is noteworthy variability across markets. A mixed bag of...

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ITR Experts Say Manufacturing

4 Pieces of Advice for Nonresidential Construction in 2024
By ITR Economics on June 25, 2024

Most nonresidential construction sectors have transitioned into Phase C, Slowing Growth, and many are feeling the weight of a potential recessionary phase. Not only that, but other...

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