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With a reputation as an accurate, straightforward economist, Alan Beaulieu has been delivering award-winning workshops and economic analysis seminars across the world to thousands of business executives for the last 30 years.
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Internal Forecasting FAQ

Economic Roadmaps - Frequently Asked Questions
By Alan Beaulieu on March 23, 2021

How can I avoid costly planning mistakes?

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Capital Investment FAQ

Timing Investments - Frequently Asked Questions
By Alan Beaulieu on March 22, 2021

Is timing my investments in my business like trying to time the stock market?

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Understanding Economic Roadmaps
By Alan Beaulieu on March 18, 2021

Conscientious business leaders want to accurately steer their business to achieve maximum benefit for all stakeholders.

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From the President's Desk

3 Key Inputs Into Trucking for 2021
By Alan Beaulieu on February 25, 2021

Freight Movement There will be ongoing upward pressure on the US Transportation Services Freight Index in 2021. The Index relates well to US Industrial Production and Retail Sales. Our...

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From the President's Desk

3 Worrisome Headlines, Put Into Perspective
By Alan Beaulieu on January 21, 2021

It is perfectly understandable that many business leaders are hesitant about their prospects in 2021, as it feels in most ways that we are not yet done with 2020 and all that the year laid...

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From the President's Desk

Bah Humbug on the 'Doom and Gloomers'
By Alan Beaulieu on December 23, 2020

Here Are Two Reasons Why   The headlines trumpeted that Retail Sales fell in November, a move that many did not see coming. For the record, Retail Sales are on track with our forecast. The...

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