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Housing Is Heating Back Up

The US housing market is snapping back, and that is great news for anyone tied to that market and for the US economy...

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Stimulus Cavalry Came in April; Consumer Cavalry Was Stuck at Home

The stimulus cavalry showed up in April, but consumer spending did not. The foundation has clearly been laid for...

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Housing and Nonresidential Construction Post COVID-19

The US and global economic cycle was upended as a result of multiple black swan events including COVID-19, crashing...

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Turning the High Beams Back On

In my most recent TrendsTalk, I mentioned that we were having to "outdrive our headlights" in March.

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Time to Act?

The COVID-19 outbreak has generated a crisis mentality that is gripping much of the world and our client base,...

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Coronavirus and the Economy

With hundreds dead and new cases identified every day, we at ITR Economics do not wish to downplay the very real...

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