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Record-High Retail Sales: Will They Influence Your Future Planning?

The latest US Retail Sales data was released last week, and the headline number is encouraging. US Total Retail...

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Choosing an Inflation Benchmark

Inflation has become a rising topic of conversation as the rate itself has risen. While we do not expect today’s...

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Is This a Bubble? If So, When Does It Pop?

By many accounts, the housing market seems to be on fire. US Single-Family Housing Starts during the past 12 months...

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Don’t Buy Into the Mania

Supply shortages and rising prices have many companies stockpiling inventory. But should you?

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The Supply Went Up in Smoke

With prices rising for many commodities, it is not surprising that lumber prices are also going up. However, the...

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Welcome to the Family

The New Indicator:

Our team has added a powerful new tool to ITR’s existing family of indicators! The new ITR...

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