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ITR Economics is the oldest, privately-held, continuously operating, economic research and consulting firm in the US.
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Trends Report

My Company Has Entered a New Business-cycle Phase – Now What?
By ITR Economics on November 26, 2018

At ITR Economics, our unique four-phase business cycle is a reference that helps your company make the right decisions at the right time. This business cycle is the basis of our Trends...

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Trends Report

What Do the Phases of the Business Cycle Mean to You?
By ITR Economics on November 19, 2018

ITR is here to help! Understanding the four phases of the business cycle will add to your confidence as you make decisions for your company. As an ITR Trends Report™ subscriber, you’ve...

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Trends Report

ITR Trends Report: Four Major Sectors, Four Indispensable Values
By ITR Economics on November 13, 2018

Packed with economic insights, forecasts, Management Objectives™, and strategies, our monthly ITR Economics Trends Report™ gives your business the edge. This industry-leading forecasting...

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Trends Report

How Can the Trends Report™ Benefit my Business?
By ITR Economics on November 2, 2018

The ITR Economics Trends Report™ is a monthly publication that provides economic insights, forecasts, and strategies to give your business the edge. This industry-leading forecasting...

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80/20 Business Transformation: What to Expect
By ITR Economics on November 1, 2018

In the mid-1980s, Illinois Tool Works (ITW) became the first company to embrace the Pareto Principle as a business operating model. The move paid off, leading to 25 years of exponential...

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Five Organizations Benefiting From ITR Economics
By ITR Economics on October 18, 2018

For those who own or run a business, there are numerous and crucial decisions to be made. Whether related to growing your top line or increasing your profit margin, these daily decisions...

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